How WovenlabelHK helped designer Emma Warren to grow her clothing brand

How WovenlabelHK helped designer Emma Warren to grow her clothing brand   Emma Warren is a textile designer based in the UK. She started off by studying art and design at university, before turning her talents on to freelance work for fashion and textile designers. Her success here lead towards taking the leap and starting her own business, which has since taken off.   Emma’s designs lean towards quirky and ‘sassy’ in her own words, often featuring intricate embroidery of … Read More

How to make embroidered patches – The basics

Custom Embroidered Patches Delightfully retro, these embroidered patches are ready to stitch some life into your designs. Simply upload your design and we can help you format it into a threaded creation. We know. The possibility of bringing your logo or artwork into tactile life is thrilling. Still, you might be asking yourself what sets embroidered patches apart from the rest? How are they different from woven patches? And… Are they the right patches for my project? Not to worry. … Read More

Kickstarter Campaign – Reward your Kickstarter campaign pledges with enamel pins

Commemorate That Kickstarter! Navigating the choppy seas of commerce and creativity can be fraught with perils. These days, new, ingenious creations are flooding the market. Still, within each us lives that insightful spark, waiting for the chance to burn bright. Crowdsourcing campaigns, through services like Kickstarter, have proved to be an exciting way to jumpstart those dreams. Whether it’s a project long in the making or a wild burst of inspiration, it’s never been easier to seize the day. Better … Read More

Creative Custom Personalised Gift Ideas

Reasons to Celebrate! Let’s face it. Gifts usually don’t come out of the blue. There’s a reason behind them. We are trying to mark an occasion and show our appreciation for others. The reasons can be varied. Maybe it’s for a corporate function or a family event. Perhaps we’ve just hit new milestone that we don’t want to forget. There can be so many reasons to celebrate. If we are going to take the time to do so, maybe we … Read More

Why Embroidered Patches Are Perfect for Making Gifts Special

Why Embroidered Patches Are Perfect for Special Gifts There are few things more heartfelt than a personalized gift. Click here to learn why embroidered patches are perfect for making gifts extra special. Keyword(s): embroidered patches We all know the struggle of trying to find a unique gift for the people we care about. It seems like everything has been done a million times. How often have people received coffee mugs, flowers, or gift cards? Embroidered patches, on the other hand, … Read More

Trend Alert: Glam up Denim with Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans

Trend Alert: Glam up Denim with Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans Trending: Custom Embroidered Iron on Patches for Jeans Embellishing denim is the new way to accessorize. Here are some design ideas for creating one-of-a-kind fashions with embroidered iron on patches for jeans. Iron on patches for jeans Move over skinny and simple jeans and say hello to the latest denim revolution. Iron on patches for jeans are taking over style trends this year. From boyfriend rip patches … Read More